In the framework of the 'Title Sequence' course, we have created the opening credits for a series based on Gabriel Garcia Marquez's best-known novel 'One Hundred Years of Solitude'. We decided to classify the series as a Magical Realism - Drama.
One Hundred Years of Solitude is a tale of seven generations of the Buendia dynasty which spans for over a century. The plot consists of various events and revolutions, some of which are man-made while some are supernatural. The central theme of the plot, loneliness, is enhanced by wars, rebellions, love, hate, and betrayal. 
We have concentrated on a few important aspects: firstly, there is no single plot, there is no protagonist and the development of the narrative has a repetitive nature. Our goal was to create a title sequence in which we would address those conclusions and hint at the predetermined fate of the dynasty. 
The surreal title sequence includes scenes such as the flying fish from chapter 16, when it rained for four years, eleven months, and two days. The train, which made Macondo verily linked to the outside world but also connected it with the Banana Plantation Company that ends up slaughtering their workers. The angel statue represents the Catholicism and the woman biting the apple represents the lust and the sin of incest that threatens the six succeeding generations of the Buendias. The butterfly in the final frame represents the yellow butterflies that were always following Mauricio Babilonia, and the broken glass represents the fate that awaits the dynasty and Macondo itself.
The final result is a combination of mixed media such as 3D objects, live-action footage and more. The video features music by the ensemble Clocks & Clouds, track Audeamus.

In collaboration with a fellow Bezalel student, Stas Krylov.
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