is an online platform that offers live & interactive online courses, experiences, and events in over 100 categories. In this project, our main goal was customer satisfaction. 
We had to make sure the design of our search box, results page, and filters brings the best experience possible and, therefore, leads to the required actions: long interaction, purchase, booking, etc. The user's experience shouldn’t depend on the device, location, browser, or finger size.
In most cases, users don’t use the search immediately as they enter the site. They start by navigating through the menu options, pages, featured collections, etc., and then, when they haven’t found the necessary thing right away, they type their query into the search box. That’s why it has to be placed on every page of the website. 
Auto-complete and auto-suggestions are great ways to make the search input more beneficial to the user. The auto-suggest feature can also provide alternatives to the user, which they may not have even considered.
The search results page shows the results of the user’s query in a clear layout, giving the user the option to refine their query further if necessary. On the mobile platform, the grid is more dynamic and engaging.
The page contains as much useful information as possible. A small class photo, class name, pricing, duration, type, and rating. Showing key information helps minimize the number of clicks.
The user can filter the results according to their preferences, availability, price, rating, etc. Providing more than one option to display the results creates a more flexible experience that can attend to the different needs of different users.
In the case of a “no results found” page, information about what happened is included at the top of the page. Users are often surprised when they don't find the exact thing they were searching for. This often leads to a negative experience.
This is why providing alternative classes is very important.
Some users recognize and understand better the content by reading content, while others can be more image or even video-driven.
In order to make the results page more informative, we've created an alternative view on the mobile platform, demonstrating short 'trailer' videos with the class overview. This can increase customer engagement and demonstrate all the necessary information about the class, including the teacher's characteristics.
Users can choose from what works best for them to understand the content.

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