In this project, I focused on designing and visualizing the customer experience for, an online platform offering live and interactive courses and events across 100 categories. My goal was to ensure customer satisfaction by creating a seamless and intuitive search experience across all devices and platforms.
One of the key features of the search experience was the auto-complete and auto-suggest functionality, which provided users with alternatives and suggestions they may not have considered. The search results page was designed to be clear and easy to navigate, displaying key information such as class name, pricing, duration, type, and rating.
To make the results page more engaging and informative, I designed an alternative view for mobile devices, featuring short "trailer" videos to provide a quick overview of the class and its teacher. This approach allowed users to choose how they preferred to consume content, whether through text, images, or videos.
In addition to the search functionality, I also designed a filtering system that allowed users to refine their search results based on their preferences, availability, price, rating, and other factors. Providing multiple display options for the search results helped create a flexible experience that could cater to the needs of different users.
Finally, I made sure to include a "no results found" page that provided users with alternative classes and information about what happened, minimizing the chances of a negative experience. By focusing on creating a user-friendly search experience that could cater to different learning styles, I was able to help achieve its goal of customer satisfaction.

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