Project Context
Role: Sole Product Designer (UX research, wireframing, prototyping, final UI design)
Mission: Create an appealing and trustworthy e-commerce site for Male Western audience
Timeline: June 2023 - Ongoing
Client: Obuy (US)
Programs used: Adobe XD, Adobe Creative Suite
Project Overview
Obuy is an e-commerce site that specializes in premium outdoor gear.
As the sole designer on this project, I was tasked with creating an elevated e-commerce experience that would appeal to outdoor enthusiasts in the Western market. 
To accomplish this goal, I focused on improving the user experience by implementing a more intuitive navigation system and showcasing Obuy's products with high-quality visuals. In addition, I ensured that the website was fully responsive, providing a seamless experience - with a mobile-first approach. 
I aimed to create a premium brand identity for Obuy that would appeal to outdoor enthusiasts who value high-quality gear. The result is a website that not only showcases products in the best possible light but also inspires users to embark on their next adventure with confidence.

Final Design:

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