Project Context
Role: Product Designer (UX research, UI etc.)
Mission: Update features in the Adcore Marketing Cloud
Timeline: January 2022 - ongoing
Client: Adcore tech product team
Team: Amit Ohayon, Lital Vaserman
Programs used: Adobe XD, Adobe Creative Suite
Problem: Despite some technology updates, the Adcore Marketing Cloud had accumulated unnecessary features over time, leading to a cluttered and confusing user experience. This outdated setup caused frustration and inefficiencies for digital marketing managers and PPC specialists trying to navigate the app effectively.
Solution: As the lead Product Designer at Adcore, to address this challenge, I dived into the minds of digital marketing managers and PPC specialists, understanding their biggest pain points with the current setup. 
By conducting thorough user research and working closely with the R&D and marketing teams, I restructured the layout based on the Google Advertising platform, allowing marketers to effortlessly switch between applications. My focus on enhancing usability and removing unnecessary complexities transformed the apps into valuable and indispensable tools for digital marketing success.
As the visual designer, I had the privilege of shaping the system's visual language, including the Views graph dashboard and Feeditor responsive overview panel. 
My work on the Feeditor app helped create custom product feeds for any advertising platform, with features such as feed creation, optimization, campaign management, and analytics.
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