Project Context
Role: Product Designer (web design, UX research, etc.)
Mission: Create a luxury yet accessible brand
Timeline: June 2023-ongoing
Client: Muscat Travel Agency
Programs used: Figma, Adobe Creative Suite
Project Overview
Muscat is a boutique travel agency dedicated to curating experiences for individuals aged 50+, families, and larger groups with unique travel preferences. As the product designer, my aim was to translate the thrill of adventure into the online journey, always mindful of the essence of "adventure." I placed a strong emphasis on crafting user-friendly designs tailored to the distinct requirements of this demographic. Through seamless navigation and captivating visuals, I brought their travel aspirations to life.
Incorporating visual elements reminiscent of passport stamps served as an invitation for users to take their first step by sharing their details through the 'Contact Us' form. Accompanied by a carousel component showcasing the team, this approach fostered a sense of trust and reassurance, ensuring they are in capable hands throughout their travel journey. This resonates with Muscat's commitment to being there not only for exciting adventures but also for providing assistance in case of any challenges during the trip itself.

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