Project Context
Position: Brand Designer
Mission: Visualizing the Essence of Scent 
Duration: April 2019
Framework: Bachelor of Design Studies
Tools: Adobe Creative Suite, Xerox, Plotter Printers, Handmade Glue
RAT'S ASS Eau de Toilette: A Conceptual Fragrance Brand Defying Convention
Exploring the intriguing world of fragrances across cultures, I embarked on a project that challenged the traditional notions associated with perfumes. The concept arose from the question: Could a fragrance brand embrace neglect, rebellion, and rejection as its defining characteristics? This notion paved the way for the creation of a unique perfume brand targeting those who prioritize individuality over conformity.
This project delves into a cynical and provocative take on consumer culture's ideals of femininity, presenting a bold departure from the conventional narratives of elegance and desirability. The visual identity is a deliberate juxtaposition of unpleasant imagery transformed through Xerox scans. Vibrant non-neutral colors like toxic greens and vibrant pinks infuse the design with an energetic, non-conformist spirit.
This project challenges the norm, inviting viewers to question preconceived notions of beauty and luxury within the realm of fragrance.

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