'New Spirit' is an organization that was founded in order to turn Jerusalem into an inspirational capital city. 
The Alliance House serves as the basis for New Spirit’s activities and as a home for a creative community that works together in light of shared values and artistic cooperation. The unique building was built at the end of the 19th century and laid abandoned for more than 10 years. 
Two years ago, the building was given to the 'New Spirit' organization for temporary use and as a result, a vibrant and creative center was born.
The house is a dynamic creative space, in which more than 200 artists and designers reside. It has proven to serve as the ideal space for artists at the beginning of their artistic careers. The sense of community created by the house fosters collaboration and enables people to work both together and separately.
In this project, our main goal was to expose the different communities and artists that work in this building. 
It was important for us to achieve a wandering-like experience, almost snooping through the personal workspaces of the artists. The website we built is all based on photographs we took inside the studios.
In collaboration with fellow Bezalel students, Dalik Samkai and Roy Siegel.

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