Project Context
Position: UX/UI designer (user research, wireframing, prototyping, image making, etc.)
Mission: Craft a website embodying the building and community spirit
Duration: April 2019
Framework: Bachelor of Design Studies
Tools: Sketch, Principle, Adobe Creative Suite
Collaboration: Partnered with Dalik Samkai, Roy Siegel, and UX/UI class
'New Spirit' is a visionary initiative aimed at transforming Jerusalem into a hub of inspiration. The focal point is the Alliance House, a historic venue housing a vibrant creative community driven by shared values and collaborative artistry. After a decade of neglect, this 19th-century architectural gem found a new purpose under the stewardship of 'New Spirit,' becoming a lively and nurturing space for resident artists and designers. Marked by both individuality and camaraderie, the house caters particularly to emerging talents, fostering an atmosphere conducive to both group dynamics and solitary endeavors.

Project Scope:
Our project's core objective was to expose the diverse tapestry of artists and communities thriving within the Alliance House. Aiming to simulate an immersive experience akin to wandering its halls and rooms, we embarked on designing a website that encapsulated the essence of this unique space. With an emphasis on visual storytelling, we meticulously integrated photographs we took within artists' studios, providing a voyeuristic glimpse into their creative worlds and processes.

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